Is there a health contract?


Yes, We have a health contract. I try to help my clients as much as possible and like to keep in touch. 

Do they come with Puppy Shots?

We give them a 5 way shot at 6 weeks of age. They still need 9,12,15, and 18 week shots. in most cases the pups leave at 8 weeks because they are sold. If i still have them I continue to give them their shots. Expect rabies. Rabies needs to be done at 12 weeks. 
What are the pups dewormed with? 

We treat the pups with pancure safeguard every two weeks. You can purchase a small bottle from tractor supply by the life stock items.  A small bottle will run about $25.00 This treats for everything including giardia except coccidia. We give one cc per 5 pounds of puppy weight for 3 days. This is the same stuff that looks like milk you may have got from a vet in the past with a diffenant to treat giardia with a pup from your past. I will send you home a 3-day supply when you pick up. Puppies can get giardia from drinking rainwater. Adult dogs have no issue with this. Puppies it can vary. This is the product that breeders, farmers, and vets use. You just did not realize its over the counter and may pay more at a vet.

Where can i find a shot clinic?

All Tractor supplies stores have a shot clinic once a month. You can get your shots and monthly preventives. They do not treat your dogs for anything else. If you have a pup under 6  months of age you can get them on heart worm preventives with no test. I use advantage multi. You can also google C-cap or low cost vet clients. 

What is Advantage multi?

Advantage multi is a monthly treatment you need to get from your vet either before your pup turns 7 months old or after your dog turns 7 months with a - heartworm test. I give this to my dogs every month. I believe it's the best. It a monthly dewormer, heartworm prevention, and flee prevention. 

What is Coccidia ?

Coccidia is a parasite and you need a vet to prescription to treat it.  Signs are diarrhea in puppies. Signs are like parro. Adult dogs tolerate coccidia and puppies may or may not. So it’s just best to get a stool sample at  treat.  According to google 30 percent of puppies have it and 40 percent of adult dogs. So, Albon (sulfa drug) is the 5-10 dewormer for it. I recommend telling the vet to check for coccidia. Your standard dog deworm does not treat for this because adult dogs can handle it without problems. It cost about $18.00 but vets can range and very low and high depending on where you live and if you are choosing private, corporate vets, or low cost vets.  Signs of coccidia vomiting, dehydration, lethargy, weight loss, anorexia, or little or no appetite.   


What is Gaurdia?


Garidia is a parasite that comes for puddles of water, pond water, containated water. Adult dogs can tolorate it. Puppies who have not build up immunity yet may or may not. Sign of gaurida diarhea, belching, loss of appetite, malaise, or malnutrition. Paracure for tractor supply with fix gaurdia. one cc per 5 pounds for 3 days. A small bottle is about $25. It will also deworm for everything except coccidia. As I mentioned before I use this every two weeks and as I mentioned before I will send you home with 3 days worth. Just so we can officially  say they are clean.

What is cherry eye in a dog or puppy?

Cherry eye is a eye injury when a dog or pup scratches their eye lip. it is something that may heal in a week on its own or may not. If you google it it would show you extreme untreated cases.

After your dog turns two you should look at their gums and watch for tarter build up. You can purchase chews from the store to control this. Google recommends cleaning a dogs teeth starting at three years old. I do thing you can want longer if you are buying dental snacks. This will also depend on what your dog eats and the dogs environment. Also, some dog groomers do brush dogs teeth for a extra charge.

What is a dogs normal temperature?

102  A dogs temperature is different from a humans.

What color should a puppy or dogs gums be?

Light pink. If they are as white as chalk and are dry.  The dog is sick.


Do you know any dog trainers?


Cornelia Miller 817-614-6252 located in McKinney Obedience. She travels to homes.

214-239-8643 Located in Ft. Worth and may or may not travel to you. Medical alert dog training such as seizers, PDSD, Mobile support, ect


If you have questions about puppy care please call me.