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Red poodle stud

Poodle Studs

We have three poodle studs available for you to choose from. Two are standard Poodle studs and on is a toy poodle stud. Poodle studs in Texas.

AKC Male Red Standard Poodle Stud. Located 20 minutes north of Mckinney Texas. $900 stud fee. Joey weight is 55 pounds. He has a long history of red. 214-474-0017. 

AKC Poodle Stud north of Dallas. He is Brown and White Party Stud. $700 fee plus $25 a day boarding. Zuko weight is 50 pounds. . 214-474-0017. 
Zuko's under coat is brown but will highlight to red in summer.
AKC Toy Poodle Stud north of Dallas.  
$700.   Weight is 5 pounds. 
Red and other colors in background.