Red Male Stud Dog $700

Red Standard Poodles

Dog Boarding Our House/Kennel Located in Blue Ridge 
Our Prices

​Outdoor kennel - $35.00  a day  The outdoor kennel is a barn for them to get out of the  weather and be in the shade. The dogs are able to go outside of the barn shelter on there own. They have a lot of room to run and play.

Indoor Kennel- $35 a a day. They will sleep inside a temperature controlled environment with doggie dogs to go to outdoor run. The dog doors fit a dog up to 90 pounds. We do have kennels that don't have the runs for small dogs too.

We do watch other animals just ask.

Ask If You Need Extra Services.

Critters such as small pets in cage link birds, hamsters, ect. $16.00

Girl with Dogs