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Whether you are looking for a new poodle or you need to enroll in the Responsible Pet Owners Course, we have certified services for every dog owner.

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We Breed AKC Standard Poodles, AKC Labrador Retrievers, AKC Golden Retrievers, F1 labradoodles, F1B labradoodles, F1 Goldendoodles, F1 Aussiedoodles, and F1B Irishdoodles. We do Stud our Male Standard Poodle as well.

Our policy: $100 deposit on unborn pups are refundable as long as the pups are not born and you have not pick out a pup. When you place a deposit on a puppy and expect me to hold it for you at the point it is not refundable if you have a change of heart. I do work with people that talk to me such as explaining to me prior to the 8 weeks of age. If you call and talk to me I will let your deposit go to a future pup. If you just dont pick up I will keep your deposit. If you need to to hang on to the puppy past 8 weeks of age I will need to be paid in full. 

Poodles & Doodles For Sale

Find your next best friend from a trusted Texas breeder.

Playful red toy poodle puppy jumps, runs, plays
A miniature poodle puppy lying on the grass in the garden chewing a stick.
Labradoodle Pupies
Morning walk with dog (black labrador retriever). Young man is training his puppy walking on the leash.
Need to Get Back On Track?  

Responsible Pet Owner Course

This course is certified by the  Learn the most recent responsibilities you have as a pet owner. Infomational perpose only!

  • Animal Law
  • Proper Care

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